LightaLife Feedback

-Giles Family
~~Thank you very much for the Christmas gifts for my family. You truly made our holidays this year. My children were so excited to see what the "elves" brought for them, and they loved everything. My boys still will not put down the tool sets they received, they are "fixing" everything in the house, and they keep trying to saw my coffee table in half. When my daughter opened the Barbie doll she screamed so loud that my ears and head are still hurting. The heating is wonderful because I am running out of oil and we are able to wrap up in it and snuggle and stay warm. I haven't noticed just how cold I have been outside until I put on that beautiful coat and wasn't shivering when I left the house. It has been years since I have had a winter coat. It was wonderful to make Christmas dinner for my whole entire family, especially since my mom is still having trouble staying out of bed for too long. Without you guys I do not know what I would have done this Christmas. Thank you from the bottom of my heart this was truly a Christmas miracle it was like Santa really did come this year. ~~

-Amber Q.
~~Christmas was good, and the food was perfect, it made everything so much better for us. The kids were happy and they really believed that Santa was listening to them and he did get their letters. I cant thank you guys enough for what you did and how special you made this Christmas for them. My kids asked me what Santa got me for Christmas, and I told them that all I asked for was for them to be happy and I got that. Thank you so much, again. Help is not always knocking at your door, but it did for us this year. Christmas was special for us because of lightalife ~~

-Hilton Family
~~ I want to say that you really did "LightaLife", a lot of lives with your wonderful generosity! My children NEVER thought that "Santa" was going to come to our house. Everyone at LightaLife was able to get my three little angels everything that they had on their Santa wish list. I'm still overwhelmed at all that was delivered to our house. I never imaged that we would be blessed with all those wonderful gift from LightaLife. I wish I could come up with the words to explain how much my family is thankful, but I can't. There's just not enough room on this to fully express how wonderful and joyous you all are. You all are truly ANGELS from god. As a mother in need and didn't know that we were going to be blessed, I sat them down and told them that we weren't going to be able to have the whole commerical Christmas theme with Santa this year. So to their amazement when they woke Christmas morning and seen all them gifts, my youngest was so excited that he was shaking! I want to thank everyone that has made LightaLife what it is today. Its all the True Spirit of giving, god bless LightaLife. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Please remember everyone at LightaLife are truly angels and everyone will always have a spot in my heart for everything that you all have done. I also want to know if there is anyway that I can help for next year. Please keep in contact with me and let me know if so.~~

-Bolognese Family
~~I would truly like to thank everyone at LightaLife! My family was adopted for Christmas and because of that, my children were able to have a nice Christmas. Your organization and all that are involved are amazing!! I never in my life knew there were people so caring and generous towards others in time of need and I am so very grateful!

-Lowry Family
~~Your blessings helped us so much over Christmas.  We wanted to say hello, and thank you again. May God continue to bless your efforts; and we look forward to possibly hearing from you soon.   P.S  The macaroni and cheese was wonderful!!!!  My daughter loved it!~~

-Zappone Family
~~Thank you so very much for the wonderful Christmas tree and all the ornaments you provided. The children had such a wonderful time decorating the tree. We can not thank you enough, this will truly be a wonderful Christmas.~~