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Happy Holidays and Welcome to LIGHTALIFE!!

This site was developed to help struggling families in the Philadelphia\Mainline area and its outlining counties. We are an outreach group that tries to extend a helping hand to all those in need particularly around stressful holiday seasons.


We encourage you to submit a story about yourself or someone you know and love that is in a time of need. As we begin to prepare for fall and the upcoming holiday season we recognize this can be a great time of hardship for many families.

Lightalife will be supplying one family with a complete thanksgiving dinner during November. During December, we will be supplying one family with a Christmas tree along with lights and ornaments to cheerfully decorate!! Also during the month of December two families will receive a Christmas dinner along with presents for the entire family to unwrap and enjoy!!

Please click the "SUBMIT STORY" button above to enter yourself or loved ones. Please remember that you do not have to enter a story for one of the Holiday Season events. We reassure you that every personal story is taken into account and can be submitted year round for all reasons;

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to provide any feedback.


2014 Holiday Season Story Deadlines:
Christmas Tree: December 10th
Christmas Dinner\Presents: December 15th


"LightaLife is an organization that truly brightens the lives of many people during the holidays"

Lauren, PA

"Such an incredible thing you guys did, You really did light a life!"

Tracey, PA

"That is wonderful, everyone on this site are truly angels. Its wonderful to have a heart so huge to help all of us!"

Mindy, PA

"You truly made our holidays this year!"

Johanna, PA

"You guys are amazing!"

Mitch, PA

"Christmas was special for us because of lightalife!"

Amber, PA